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powertrain title image

This converts electrical energy into rotational energy and provides power to an electric vehicle.

traction motor title image

A Traction Motor converts electrical energy stored in high voltage batteries into rotational(mechanical) energy to provide power for an electric vehicle. 


traction motor feature image
  • Power rating: 80-120 kW
  • Output efficiency 96%
  • Permanent magnet motor / field winding motor 
  • Hairpin winding technology applied.


inverter title image

An inverter is a device which converts DC to AC power which powers electric vehicle motors. An inverter also controls the speed and power of the motor.


inverter feature image
  • Maximum output 120 kW
  • High-efficiency driving algorithm (97% at maximum)
  • Helps protect vehicles and enhances reliability by utilizing a short circuit protection function
  • Improved cooling performance by direct water cooling
obc title image

On Board Charger is installed in a car and connected to an external power source to charge an electric vehicle's battery.


obc feature image
  • Rated 3.3 kW, 6.6 kW
  • High-efficiency (95% at maximum)
  • Highly reliable and energy-efficient system
  • Wide Out Voltage Range
48v b-isg tiitle image

B-ISG (Belt-Integrated Starter Generator) enhances stop-start capabilities and reduces energy consumption while the engine is at idle. The energy generated during idle is stored and used to achieve superior mileage.


48v b-isg feature image
  • Power Rating: 10-11 kW
  • Power Efficiency: 91%
  • Water cooling / Air cooling
  • Highly efficient motor with field winding and hairpin winding technology